Niche Content Websites to Help You Make Money Online


Starting your own niche content website is one the most interesting and possibly the best idea to make some good money. But starting this whole thing is somewhat a difficult task for many, where mostly people find themselves lost, with no idea on how to go about it.

The best way to make your own website is to idealize the whole concept as a research or educational tool. When you will have that learning desire you would be in a better position to explore the concept in a much better way. There are plenty of free tutorials out there that will teach you how to create a website. To begin your learning you should research for how you can get free traffic, this can be done through different search engines. Next thing to learn is how to optimize sites and the main thing is to identify niches that are unexplored and untapped and to have some meaningful content on it to build your site and to make it successful. When you see that the niche you selected is giving unexpected returns and is high on demand then you should feel satisfied that you have moved from the stage of underachiever to an overachiever. To gain more benefits you can try out collecting email addresses to build up a list or can even get an ebook written.

Additional good options could be to find products that are affiliate to your niche; you can start a membership service, build information products by recording screencasts even. All these would help you penetrate the market in a lot better and successful way. The idea is to become an expert of the niche you opted and to earn from it for a longer period, without worrying about the competitors.

Leverage Your Previous Hard Work

During your research for niches you will come across many that have been serviced already and are represented in many hobbyist sites but often you would find that these are very unprofessional, the designs are created in tools like Frontpage or even Microsoft Word and are usually hosted on free hosts. You would also note that although these sites have lower page ranks yet they are shown as top results on the search engines mainly because there is no competition for them. Here you have a good opportunity to outshine these sites by making a quick search and then leveraging one of your sites that’s successful already and has a higher PageRank.

Often the online marketers invest a lot of time and effort to their sites which are sometimes a blog or some business project. Since a lot of hard work has been but into the site, it generally generates much high traffic and has many backlinks that are incorporated from time to time. Using your already successful sites as a tool to promote another site is also a very advantageous approach in the niche content market.

Selection of the niche is the main ingredient for success in niche content market and often the most strange and odd topics are the ones that gain the maximum popularity. Some of the usual topics such as where to buy second hand clothes, learning to skateboard, how to raise turtles, how to do magic tricks, or how to cook vegetarian food are already taken and very common. To be successful you need to think of a topic outside the box and select the one that is unique. Using search engines is the best tool since you can find many keyphrases, so get going with a good research. You can also make use of Wikipedia, explore opportunities and gain success. So start searching you may be lucky to find that very niche that nobody has thought of as yet, and it may be the turning point for you.

Advertising Your Affiliate Web Site


By choosing to run a web site that deals strictly with affiliate sales can be a very profitable venture, however it will take a considerable amount of time to advertise and get the word out.

In a nut shell, affiliate sales is about signing up for accounts with other web sites, advertising their products and providing a link to them, and when a person buys that product, you get a commission from the sale.

It sounds pretty simple but there is a bit more to it. Here are a few areas that you will need to concentrate on.

• Time
• Link Building
• Blogs
• Blog and Forum Posting


Time is not an endless resource so the better you plan and utilize your time, the better the results. Advertising does not need to be expensive but it is very time consuming. Do not try and do everything all at once. Break down your day into deferent time frames, and do one thing at a time before moving on to the next thing.


6:00 – 7:00 ———– Handle customer service emails
7:00 – 8:00 ———– Link building
8:00 – 10:00 ———–Blog writing
10:00 – 12:00 ——— Blog Posting
1:00 – 2:00 ———— Forum posting
2:00 ——————— Customer service and misc. chores

End of the day be sure and check all your links and make sure that they are all working correctly.

This is not set in stone but rather an example about how you can utilize your time in a productive manner. In fact you might want to break that schedule down into a daily basis. Spend one day doing link building, the next day Blog posting, next day forum posting etc..

The point being is that you want to break down each area and spend a certain amount of time doing just one thing then moving on. Consistency in the process of doing all these advertising chores will give you long term results.

Link Building

This is the process where you research on the web other web sites that deal with products and services that are similar to yours. Then you contact the web site owner and work out an arrangement to have them advertise your link on their web site in exchange for you advertising their link on your web site.

Blog And Forum Posting

This is a process where you search for Blogs that are either discussing or reviewing the types of products that you are advertising on your web site. Then you start making intelligent, non-Spam type comments about the blog article and at the end of your comment you have a standard signature that has a link back to your web site.


As you can see, all these chores take up a huge amount of time but not really any money. You can decide to try and pay someone to do these advertising chores for you, however you would still have to take the time to check their work and make sure they are actually doing as you wish. If you truly want to generate an income through affiliate sales, be sure that you control the entire process.